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Family Lawyers

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Family Law Professionals

Property & Parenting. Divorce & Seperation. De facto relationships.

Marriage breakdown, separation, divorce, property and parenting disputes are without a doubt, one of the most stressful and emotional times of our lives.

Having an experienced Family Lawyer, who acts in your best interest and guides you through the process, is invaluable to assisting you to overcome and thrive during such a difficult period.

Our Services

Our team of Family Lawyers are compassionate and empathetic, understanding that family disputes can be emotionally taxing on our clients.

Whether our clients are married or in de facto relationships, we are with them every step of the way.

  •     Divorce
  •     Parenting (i.e. who the child lives with and spends time)
  •     Property Settlement (i.e. division of matrimonial assets)
  •     Recovery Orders/ Urgent Recovery Orders
  •     Domestic Violence/Notice of Risk
  •     Binding Financial Agreements
  •     De facto relationships and agreements

Relationship Breakdown – Divorce & Separation

Divorce Lawyers Australia

De facto relationships are common in Australia. However, it is incorrectly assumed that de facto couples have no rights when the relationship has irretrievably broken-down.

When both married and de facto relationships break-down, it is important to formalise any property and parenting disputes, which includes amendments to estate and succession planning and any potential superannuation split.

Be clear on your priorities – and share them with your divorce lawyer

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Family Law for All

Mutually Beneficial Outcomes for Individuals & the Whole Family

At Forward Legal, our team assist your with all facets of family law. Whether you are concerned with parenting arrangements, the division of your assets and or how a divorce/separation may effect your business – it’s important to have experienced, approachable and commercially savvy family lawyers advising you throughout each stage. When the dust settles, we want to ensure that the best outcome has been achieved for our client and their families.

Knowledge and Experience

Children & Custody Disputes

In Australia, the welfare of the child is a paramount consideration in resolving parenting disputes.

There is an increased focus on the child having a meaningful relationship with both parents, where equal shared parental responsibility is encouraged, unless the child is exposed to risk and harm.

In the event a child is at risk of being exposed to physical and/or emotional abuse, our experienced team advise clients on the avenues available to them, including making an application to the court to seek urgent orders.

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Life After Separation

Harmonious Co-Parenting for the Children

Following separation, parties are encouraged to co-parent harmoniously in an effort to minimise any disruption and discomfort to the child.