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Building and Construction Lawyers

Building and Construction Lawyers Forward Legal

Building and Construction Lawyers

Mediation | Resolution | Litigation

Our Building & Construction Lawyers provide advice on contract management and documentation. Drafting and interpretation of contracts, contract amendments and special conditions. We can help with contractual claims or responses to claims made against you? We can handle all building-related litigation, including ‘Security of Payment Act’ claims.

Excellence is never an accident”.

 – Aristotle

Property Defect Matters

Resolving Building Disputes

When you buy off the plan, build or renovate, things may not always go to plan. A building defect can be the result of defective design, faulty workmanship, substandard materials or non-compliance. Protecting your assets before you take possession. Our Lawyers know what to look for.

Over 20 Years of Practice

Construction and Property Law | Planning & Advice

Forward Legal relies on its in-depth industry knowledge and experience. When it comes to construction and building contracts, defects or disputes it is important to work with attorneys that have built up strong relationships with real estate agents, developers, financiers, financial planners and builders, sub-contractors and homeowners because it is critical that you put yourself in the shoes of your opponent.

Knowledge and Experience

We use a constructive process with proven results.

Our Lawyers provide assistance, advice and innovative solutions for a wide range of other property matters from due diligence, buying, selling and leasing commercial and large scale residential property, environmental and planning law to property development, finance, Wills and Estate Planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Construction Defects?

Typically, Insurance does not cover construction defects. In fact, usually, it specifically excludes it. If you think you have a construction defect claim, then you should check your insurance, try and settle the matter with your builder or consult an attorney.

Do I need a Lawyer for a breach of contract in construction?

It is recommended that if during or after the construction of your property whether it is a residential home, commercial property or your even the storage shed on your industrial site – you should consult and construction lawyer. These matters can be easily settled outside of court fees when you have the right experience in your corner.

Do I need a building contract?

It is recommended that you always get a contract drawn up any for construction or building works. By law, you must provide a written contract for residential building work: If the contract price is over $5,000 (including GST), or. if the contract price is not known, is for the provision of labour and materials by the contractor in NSW the reasonable market cost of which is more than $5,000 (including GST). Many lawyers have fixed prices for the review of contracts whether you are the builder, developer or homeowner.

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